The Work Area Safety Pack (W.A.S.P)

This is our original Work Area Safety Pack. This complete pack is designed to be a tough, compact, self contained, portable barrier system which can be tensioned and carried in the pocket or toolbox.

The W.A.S.P restricts access quickly and efficiently allowing work to be carried out in accordance with a permit to work system. Our stock red and white stripes are for temporary hazards. The W.A.S.P kit combines the webbing, the unique wallet, a holder to grip the webbing, an indelible pen and a warning sign.

The wallet is 280 mm wide and 430 mm high and can hold a work permit and other A4 documents. The standard version is now top opening under the flap. The bottom opening version is still available as an option.

The standard lengths of barrier webbing supplied with the Work Area Safety Packs are 2, 4, 6 or 12 metres long. These can be adjusted to half length or clipped together to extend their reach. Replacement webbing is available and webbing of any length can be made to order.

Order Code: SP002, SP004, SP006,SP012

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