Isolating a hazardous area requires a barrier. This would previously involve a disposable tape, freestanding barrier, elastic barrier, chain or rope. Barrier tape is liable to shift or rip in the wind making it unclear where the restricted area is. Freestanding barriers are cumbersome. Rope or chain lacks visibility. None of these alternatives can be fully tensioned. Frequently these are left behind after work is completed. The Quick Barrier overcomes these problems while remaining simple to set up. Once the webbing is set up between two points its adjustable buckles can be tightened, securing it in place. The Quick Barrier Wallet fixes to the webbing and has room for paper documents and signs. Just roll up when finished. The Quick Barrier is small enough to be carried in the pocket or stored in a tool box.

How It works

The Quick Barrier can replace all other forms of temporary safety barrier. Its unique compact design means that it is easily carried and can be quickly deployed by one person. The durable webbing can be adjusted to half its length and tensioned whilst remaining fully reusable.

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